This course has been designed to provide the fundamental principles of issues relating to passive fire protection. It covers the fundamental principles of  fire fire science, human behaviour and various passive and active systems. The course has been designed to assist those preparing to sit the IFE Level 2 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection.


The course will cover the following :



 The course covers the following:

  • Principles of fire
  • Human behaviour
  • Basic priniples of Means of Escape
  • Important aspects of  passive fire protection
  • Elements of a cladding system
  • Fire performance requirements of curtain walling and cladding systems
  • Testing of cavity barriers
  • Building performance in fire
  • Active fire protection
  • Fire protection to the structural frame of the building
  • Fire resisting walls, floor and ceilings
  • Fire resisting glazing
  • Fire stopping and penetration seals, cavity barriers and the building envelope, ductwork and dampers
  • Fire resisting doors, industrial shutters and associated hardware
  • Building regulations, approved documents and passive fire protection



20 hours CPD



I just received confirmation late last week that I passed the IFE Level 2 and Level 3 Passive Fire Protection exams!  I didn’t do much additional reading but worked through your videos and sample papers – they were amazing and covered everything that came up on the exams!

Stephen Martin Northern Ireland

Unit 1 Sample 1

Unit 3 Sample 5

Unit 5 Sample 3

Unit 3 Sample 1

Unit 3 Sample 2

Unit 6 Sample 3


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