B4 External Fire Spread This module covers B4 External fire spread. It covers how to ensure that the building is designed to ensure a fire does not spread to other buildings. This covers the methods offered in ADB , BS9999 and BR187. It covers the enclosing rectangle method, the protractor method and introduces fire engineering calculations to determine the radiation intensity received at the boundary.  

Module 7-5-1 This module covers the following topics:
  • Introduction
  • Principles of requirement
  • Construction of external wall
  • Methods available

  Module 7-5-2 This module will cover the following topics;
  • BR187 Methods
  • Notional Boundary
  • Step one
  • Step two

  Module 7-5-3 This module covers the following topics:
  • Step three
  • Enclosing rectangle
  • Unprotected percentage