This course  will provide a preparation of the underpinning skills and underpinning knowledge, and competency to respond to an aviation incident, under supervision, as a member of a non-specialist team. The training emphases on `emergency response in an aviation incident. The course covers responding  to aviation incidents and working around aircraft safely. It  looks at the competency for working as a member of a non-specialist team, under supervision, while responding to an aviation incident and for persons who, because of the nature of their work, are transported in aircraft or have to perform various tasks around aircraft. It  provides you with a working knowledge of the hazards and risks associated with fixed winged aircraft and helicopters as well as an awareness of the safety requirements and procedures to ensure the well-being of any persons required to work near aircraft. The crew resource management component highlights the factors that contribute to human error and provides awareness and empowerment to non-flying crew.   Who is the course aimed at? The course is aimed at;
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Mine operators
  • Rig operators
  • Remote communities
  • Volunteer emergency response teams
  • Professional emergency response teams
  • Civil Fire Brigade (small towns)
  • Civil Fire Brigade auxiliaries
  • Volunteer Country Fire Services
  • Country Fire Services
  • Small Airport Council workers
. Duration 30 hours IFE Approved CPD   Cost $995