We have produced a number of FREE courses covering important topics that affect all the industry. 

Firstly a 1 hour CPD course covering the principles of the report “Setting the Bar”.  This video gives an overview of the content 



Secondly, a 1.5 hour CPD course covering the principles of the guidance from the NFCC report on changing from  the stay put to simultaneous evacuation. 


To gain access to the course, email us with your name and contact details and we will set up your access. On completion of the course and successful completion of the online test you can download a 1 hour CPD certificate.  We will also give free access to other  FREE courses such as “CFD Modelling principles” and “Fires in tall buildings” if you would like to access  all these FREE courses, please contact us at enquiries@frconline.co.uk with your details.