Fire Safety for Building Professionals

This course has been designed for building professionals who need an understanding of fire safety. It gives an introduction to Part B, Human behaviour in fire, fire science, CDM principles, fire doors, fire safety in heritage premises, active fire systems and other guidance.



      Fire Risk Management and Safety

This course is designed for those in the fire industry who wish to advance their studies and achieve Technician level. This course is aimed at level 3 and covers the various areas that a technician would be expected to have a good understanding of. This course has been accepted as a recognised educational programme of the Institution of Fire Engineers at the grade of TIFireE.


 Responsible Persons Responsibilities

This course will cover the responsibilities of the responsible person under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2015. Included in the course content is a downloadable building managers – Management of fire safety log book which will assist in documenting all your fire safety issues in line with the regulations

      Fire warden Training

This course will cover the role of a fire warden in a workplace. It will look at all the areas that a fire warden should possess including the nature of fire, fire development, fire precautions in the workplace, use of fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures.

     Human Behaviour in Fire

This course looks at the issue of human behaviour in fire. It will consider the areas that designers, architects, risk assessors and all those involved with fire safety in buildings should have an understanding of.


  Fire Awareness Training

This course will cover the role of a fire warden in a workplace. It will look at all the areas that a fire warden should possess including the nature of fire, fire development, fire precautions in the workplace, use of fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures.

  Fire Extinguisher Operation

This course  will provide you with a clear understanding of how to select and operate fire extinguishers in the workplace

   Hot Work Passport

This hot work passport scheme has been introduced in response to requests from industry for courses that can be used to indicate a level of competence in fire safety for both hot work operatives and project managers who as part of their role may issue hot work permits


      Fire and Explosion

This is a comprehensive course covering the key areas of fire and explosion. It will look at what causes and explosion and how to prevent its occurrence and mitigate its impact.

 Principles of Fire Science

This course has been designed to give a basic understanding of fire and fire spread.

Fire Safety in Transport

This course will look at the inherent risks that transport premises and facilities pose to both staff and passengers alike. It will discuss common issues that these premises pose in the event of a fire emergency


 Fire Safety in Heritage Premises

This course will cover the issues that fire poses in a heritage building. It will look at various options on how to comply with the principles of fire risk assessment in a building which does not comply with current fire regulation

 Fire Safety in Specialised Premises

This course has been designed to cover the issues that arise with fire safety in specialised housing. The care industry is changing and there is a move from registered care homes to assisted living.  This poses new risks to vulnerable people and all those involved must be aware of the issues to ensure the safety of the residents.

 Fire Safety in the Design of Healthcare premises


This course describes the skills and knowledge required to conduct telescopic materials handler operations.


 Fire Doors – What you need to know

This course has been design to give delegates an awareness of the issues they should be aware of with regards fire doors. it will look at how to identify a fire door and all related information on maintenance, upgrading, heritage buildings and the various schemes available to ensure they will carry out their function.

Fire Safety in Residential Care Premises

This course has been designed to raise fire awareness concerning the behaviour of people in a fire. It will cover the threat that fire poses to people and your business continuity. It will equip your staff with the necessary skills to take the correct actions in the event of a fire with regard to evacuation procedures and the correct use of fire extinguishers.

 CFD Modelling

This course will cover give an overview of the principles of CFD modelling. 


Realistic ‘Travelling Fires’ in Large Office Compartments

This course looks at realistic travelling fires in large office compartments. It will look at the factors you need to consider with regards these types of occupancies.

 Fire Investigator – First Responder

This course will give an insight into fire investigation for the first responder to a fire scene.


 Fires in Tall Buildings

This course was producing working with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue who have developed a fantastic high rise procedure. This procedure is flexible and should result in a more organised approach to dealing with these types of fires.  Other brigades could use the principles to assist in developing their own high rise procedures.


Fire Sector Federation – Code of practice

The Fire Sector Federation has published an approved Code of Practice that places third party accreditation and professional body membership at the very heart of a national framework focused on fire risk assessor competency

 NFCC Guidance

This will go through the report from the NFCC on guidance released on changing from stay put to simultaneous evacuation.

 Setting the Bar

This will go an overview of the setting the bar report


Fire Safety in Places of Entertainment

This course looks at the fire safety issues that places of entertainment pose and recommends guidance when assessing these premises

 Building Responsible Officer – Foundation Course

This course has been designed as a foundation course for building responsible officers.

 Fire Risk Consultancy – Level 3 Fire Door Inspections

This course has been designed to enable learners to be able to carry out fire door inspections and have the under-pinning knowledge needed, at the required depth and to confirm occupational competence