The Smoke Control – Made Simple  Calculator goes through the whole process of determining the smoke requirements of a building from the design phase through to the post design considerations.
It enables the user to quickly and accurately determine the smoke management requirements of buildings with ventilation systems.  It can calculate natural and mechanical ventilation requirements and will assist the user in determining various parameters of a smoke management system.   The Online Smoke Calculator will;
  • Look at design fire sizes and smoke mass flow rates for both simple and complex plumes.
  • Assist in determining the number of smoke reservoirs and ventilators required and give advice on their sizing.
  • Quickly and accurately identify areas such as stratification, stagnation and plug holing checks.
  • Determine the necessary air inlet requirements to prevent tenable conditions being exceeded.
  • Revolutionise how smoke ventilation requirements are determined by allowing enforcers to check submissions for compliance with various global codes.
  • Provide the opportunity to establish when certain formulae are applicable and note their limitations.
  • Increase safety for all buildings with smoke management systems by removing existing inconsistencies.
  • Allow more people to understand the complex issues with smoke design
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