This course has been developed to provide the under-pinning knowledge required to inspect fire doors. It will go into depth of the areas you should consider when assessing fire doors

Who is the course aimed at?

All those in the fire industry who need to understand the important role of fire doors and may have to inspect, install or maintain fire doors.



 The course covers the following:

  • Role of fire doors and the construction of different types of door
  • Role of a fire door
  • Types of fire door
  • Function of fire door
  • Fire doors in compartment walls
  • The Certifire label
  • Operation of fire doors
  • What are automatic closing devices?
  • Electrical powered hold open devices
  • Mag hold open devices
  • Door dwell
  • Dorguard
  • Free swing closing doors
  • Concealed door closer
  • Perko self closer
  • Rising butt hinges
  • Exit devices
  • Panic bars
  • Push bars
  • Escape locks
  • Compliance with regulation 38
  • Where do fie doors require self closing devices?
  • Door co-ordinator devices
  • Components of a door assembly
  • Fire rated hinges
  • Automatic drop down seals
  • Air transfer grilles
  • Implications of errors in manufacturing
  • Fire door locations
  • Fire resisting roller shutters
  • How are fire curtains different to fire shutter doors
  • Fire shutters and Means of Escape
  • Existing fire doors
  • Accept the door
  • Upgrade the door
  • Replace the door
  • Factors relevant to fire door installation
  • BS8214: Timber based fire door assemblies. Code of practice
  • CDM Regulations 2015
  • Duty holders
  • CE marking
  • Checks before installing fire doors
  • Finishing the doors on site





6.5 hours CPD





£145 plus VAT (£174 inc VAT)




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