Smoke control – Checking submissions is a comprehensive course covering all the principles of smoke control following the eleven step guide. This course will give you an invaluable insight into the principles of smoke management. On completion of this course you will have the ability and confidence to carry out calculations that previously had to be carried out by qualified Fire Engineers. It will enable enforcing authorities, including building control bodies and fire authorities, to be able to check schemes prior to confirming code compliance. This should allow the field of smoke management to advance due to a greater understanding of the subject. This course is aimed at those in the industry who wish to check a smoke control submission and attracts 40 hours CPD. Each delegate will be assigned their individual log in and will work through the various modules.  A workbook is provided for you to complete as you work through the course.

Step One – Determine the design objectives

Step two – Determine the fire size

Step Three – Determine the mass flow rate of smoke

Step Four – Determine the temperature of the smoke

Step Five – Carry out a stratification check

Step Six – Determine the ventilation requirements

Step Seven – Identify the number of exhaust points

Step Eight – Carry out a stagnation check

Step Nine – Carry out a plugholing check

Step Ten – Ensure the air velocity does not impede the Means of Escape

Step Eleven – Post design considerations



40 Hours CPD



£1200 plus VAT for 12 months access (£1440 inc VAT)


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