Principles of Fire Engineering

This course covers the principles of Fire Engineering and hot it can be applied to building design.

      Smoke Control Fundamental Principles

This course will give you a full overview of the principles of smoke control in order to understand the areas you need to consider when approving a smoke control system.


 CFD Modelling

This course will cover give an overview of the principles of CFD modelling. 

      Smoke Control – Checking submissions

This course will revolutionise the knowledge on smoke control for all sectors of the industry. We have developed a highly innovative method of determining the ventilation requirements of virtually any building with an atrium from start to finish. Application of this method has been designed to make sure you consider all areas required to ensure the smoke control system is compliant and will certify that the design objectives are met. This course involves a number of calculations through the various steps and then the delegate will complete 14 full exercises.