This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to work safely as a safety observer/spotter in the Civil construction industry.



 The course covers the following:

  • Course objectives
  • The roles and responsibilities of a spotter
  • Spotters for backing up vehicles
  • Working near overhead electrical assets
  • When do you need  a spotter
  • Plan and prepare to work as a spotter
  • Spotters working within plant and equipment  working in the vicinity of overhead electrical assets
  • Machinery or vehicles in contact with power lines
  • Tiger tails
  • General guide for working in the vicinity of overhead and underground electric lines
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Classifications for high-visibility clothing
  • Safe work method system
  • Permit to work in the vicinity of electrical apparatus
  • Loading areas
  • Temporary road safety barrier system
  • Traffic volume
  • Worksite restrictions
  • Safety zones for pedestrians
  • Clean up
  • End of the day
  • Spillage clean-up
  • Worksite excavations



120 minutes  CPD